Yesterday, Twitchy covered Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez trying to compare the so-called asylum seekers who threw rocks at border agents to Jewish families fleeing Germany. Yeah, we made that same face which is why we HAD to write about it.

See for yourself.

Seems we weren’t the only ones to take notice of Alexandria’s tweet because Lindsey Graham had a friendly suggestion for her:


Ya’ think? Note, there is NEVER EVER EVER NEVER a situation that you can compare to the Holocaust that will not disrespect the tragedy so just don’t do it. DON’T. Full stop. Put the Twitter down. Go crochet something.

Alexandria was a bit perturbed with Graham over his suggestion:

Oh honey, no. Treasured museum? And STOP IT, this administration has not jailed children … FFS.

And she wonders why we make fun of her.

She wasn’t done making a fool of herself, sadly.


Was this her passive-aggressive way of playing the race card because it sure reads that way.

Don’t be silly.

Told ya’.

But Trump.


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