As Twitchy readers know, Twitter has permanently banned vet, Conservative pundit, and radio talk show host Jesse Kelly. For what, nobody knows. Personally, this editor thinks it was his horrible takes on food (Velveeta Jesse, really?), but since Twitter has yet to give Kelly a concrete answer we may never know.


Kelly went on with Tucker Carlson to talk about the banning and boy howdy did he light Twitter up.


Awww yes, remember when Jack told Congress Twitter would provide explanations when people were suspended? Then again, he also swore up and down that there is no bias against Conservatives on his platform so yeah … whatever.

Kelly continued:

He’s right. If Twitter continues down this path of censoring ideas and content they will end up a giant angry bubble filled with cat hoarders, glitter glue, and angry man buns who will grow bored with no one to blame for their miserable existences.

Is that really what Twitter wants to be?

Don’t answer that.

This editor has seen Obituary Editors for teeny tiny newspapers in Nowheresville, MO who maybe have 100 followers and have a blue check. Meanwhile, large conservative accounts with tens of thousands of followers (ahem) who write for really kickas* and awesome media outlets (ahem ahem) remain unverified.

It’s BS.

A year ago we’d have made a tinfoil joke about this one, now though?

And this is why we need Jesse Kelly back. #FreeJesseKelly


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