What IS it with the Left that makes them try and destroy EVERYTHING and anything? It’s like they have to suck the joy out of life by looking for things to be angry or outraged about, 24/7.

Can you imagine going through life with that ginormous of a stick wedged up your backside?

Look at this nonsense from the Huffington Post:

‘Seriously problematic.’

It’s just Rudolph you troglodytes. STOP IT!

What he said.

Careful, they were complaining about the way Charlie Brown treated Franklin just last week. Not even making that up.

‘Tis the season.

To be honest, Rudolph is a story about inclusion and overcoming barriers. But oh no, let’s focus on the things we can put a 2018 spin on so we can shake our fists about a kids’ Christmas show.

The stupid it burns.



Ain’t it?

The end.


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