You know, it wouldn’t bother us quite as much when the Left says ridiculous things about Trump and makes hateful accusations if they’d pull their heads out of their backsides for even ONE MINUTE and look at the reality of the situation they are talking about.

Take for example this tweet from Laurence Tribe where he not only says that using tear gas at the border is unprecedented (it’s not), but he goes on to accuse Trump of gassing innocent children.

Careful rolling your eyes that far back in your head, you could hurt yourself.

Oh, Larry. This was bad, man, even for you. And trust us, we read a lot of bad tweets (it’s sorta what we do), so when we say a tweet is bad, it’s BAD.


You know, this may be the meanest thing anyone could say to Laurence. Well-played.

Once a month? HOLY HELL.

Maybe Laurence doesn’t know what ‘unprecedented’ means.

Both good questions.

They all do.

We stopped being embarrassed for Laurence months ago.



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