You know what? For once, we got nothin’. You’ll just have to read this thread started by John McAfee and come to your own conclusions because we’re totally checking out. Notice we did not say anything about this being peak 2018 because there is still a little over a month left in this year and we do NOT want to tempt fate.


One butch woman.

Good to know.

Write about Twitter they said. It will be FUN they said.

Seems a legit question.

He’s joking, right?

This editor is so confused right now. EL OH EL.

So wait, is the whale a metaphor or something? PLEASE DEAR LORD let it be a metaphor.

This editor has questions.

You know what, no, no she doesn’t.

That explains this … a little.

Ok John, not judging. Well, maybe just a little bit.

You know what? We can’t even.


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