As Twitchy readers may recall, feminist Meghan Murphy was suspended on Twitter a few weeks back for refusing to call a man a woman. Seriously. We know, it sounds stupid even for Twitter but it’s true. Apparently, it was some sort of hate speech to point out the science behind sex.

Repeat after us, everything is stupid.

Welp, Meghan refused to be bullied into silence about her opinions on this topic and Twitter suspended her again.

It’s like Twitter wants to fail.

What’s most interesting about this particular incident is that women from both the Left and the Right are speaking out against this idea that a man can just decide he’s a woman and to question that is somehow hate speech. We spend years and years fighting for equality only to have men appropriate our sex?

Yeah, NO.

Let’s do this! *sets bra on fire*

There are a couple of options out there but they aren’t picking up much traction.


Who knew feminism would suddenly become a topic Conservative women are speaking in support of?


Right? They want all of the good stuff about being a woman without having to deal with the reality of being a woman.

No wonder Meghan is so pissed about it.


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