Awww, and Mediaite tried so hard here too.

From Mediaite:

Conservatives might be concerned over immigrants breaching the southern border wall, but Fox News contributor Tammy Bruce is worried about them scaling dump trucks.

That was evident from Fox’s Friday night broadcast, during which Bruce, filling in as a guest host, pointed to footage of migrants climbing the bed of a truck and said “they’re climbing the wall right there.”

Speaking to progressive radio host Chris Hahn, Bruce wanted answers on how the U.S.-bound caravan should be handled — an issue that has been a source of recent outrage for President Donald Trump, who has made a series of baseless claims on the matter.

Immigrants breaching the southern border wall.

Immigrants. Right.

They never learn.

Tammy was referencing this from the Washington Examiner in her interview:

The first wave of migrants from the Central American caravan began climbing border fences on Tuesday after arriving at the U.S. border.

Many on the Mexican side of the border climbed the fence and sat or walked on top of it, while others jumped and crawled through openings in the fence, only to run back to the Mexico side when U.S. Border Patrol agents approached.

But ya’ know, anything to dunk on the cons!

Don’t they?



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