Our day wouldn’t be complete here at Twitchy if we didn’t find at least one tweet from Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to write about. On one hand, we are super grateful to Alexandria because with her around we never run out of fodder to write about but on the other … holy cow. If this editor had a heart she might actually start to feel sorry for this chick because WOW, this level of dumb is not a good thing.

Luckily this editor is still pretty heartless so here we are.

Apparently, Alexandria thought this letter was from an Insurance group:

Huh? Where did any insurance group suggest the person have a fundraiser for their care? We see a clinic suggesting that but not an insurance group but hey, maybe we’re missing something.

Narrator: They weren’t missing anything.


Ok, so it’s easy to make fun of Alexandria for calling the clinic an insurance group (or as we call it, low hanging fruit), but this tweep makes perhaps the best argument:

He said please.


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