Speaking of Alyssa Milano as we just did in our last story about Linda Sarsour, seems the actress has coined a new term for the pro-life movement.

Ok, full disclosure, we’re pretty sure she didn’t come up with this on her own but still:

What an ignorant thing to say.

Oh yeah? Well then people who support abortion aren’t pro-choice, they’re anti-life.

See how this works? Stupid. This goes back to the same sad argument the Left has been pushing about abortion for years now, that people who are pro-life are only that way because of religion, that they are forcing pregnancies, that they only care about the child in the womb … really horrible and repugnant crap that is completely untrue.

The reality is most pro-lifers value humanity and they want people to be responsible for their actions. That’s it.

Super hateful, right?

That’s a lot of so-called ‘pro-choice’.

Seems clunky and it would never fit on a bumper sticker but true.

EL OH EL. Do you guys remember that? Alyssa took a selfie to promote gun control and there was a big ol’ booger in her nose. Aww, the dangers of selfies when you’re a virtue signaling famous person.

Something like that.

Pro-aborts try to push messaging claiming abortion is the end all and be all of women’s rights.

And it’s totally obnoxious.

But we thought pro-life people only cared about babies in the womb.

What a monster!


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