There is an old saying that many people on Twitter would be wise to adhere to, and that’s, ‘Don’t start none, won’t be none.’ Sure, it’s grammatically painful but it’s spot on when it comes to behavior on the social media giant.

For example, Bobby Lewis of Media Matters for whatever reason thought it would be smart to tweet smack about Michelle Malkin with an animated gif and without tagging her in …

TFW Bobby Lewis is trying to start being relevant …

Oh, and like Michelle wouldn’t see it:

Silly Media Matters goon.

Heh, YES!

Which is probably why Bobby is cowardly subtweeting her.


Considering he’s a progressive without a blue check on Twitter when they hand those things out to the Left like free candy? Yikes.

But sure, tell us more about how it’s Michelle who has issues with being relevant.


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