Maybe Sen. Chuck Schumer missed it, but the Left’s so-called Blue Wave was more of a drizzle and what’s especially embarrassing for the senator is that the GOP retained the majority in the Senate. We get that it’s tough for some (most) Democrats to accept reality but c’mon, pretending that Dems somehow succeeded where they obviously failed is just pathetic.

Even for ol’ Chuckles.

Sharyl Attkisson called him out:

Poor Chuck, he’s a little bit like the old man down the street who yells at the kids on Halloween.

We especially like how Sharyl added #YouGoBoy at the end.


One would have to be a tad bit insane to be a Democrat in the first place.

And speaking of being a beer short of a six-pack …

Smashed everything else.



Or a case of being incapable of accepting reality.

And sadly from their alternate universe they still tax us for their crap programs and policies.

But Trump?


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