Look at ol’ Sen. Chuckles Schumer tweeting about how excited he is to work with newly elected senators Kyrsten Sinema and Jacky Rosen. We hope he didn’t hurt himself posing for this picture …

Awww, that’s adorable.

Go team go and stuff. Wait, is he manspreading? For shame.

Although we imagine feminists would give him a pass since he’s supporting women who are Democrats. There’s just one big ol’ problem with the senator from Arizona:


She’s not voting for the dinosaur.

Gotta wonder if Chuck knew that before he tweeted this photo about being super stoked to work with the ‘Women of the West.’

Yeah, Chucky boy – is it just us or does this tweet read like it belongs in a gangster flick?

Maybe he missed it earlier when Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez protested climate change in Nancy Pelosi’s office … seems the new guard is less than impressed with the old guard.

This is gonna be GOOD.


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