Senator Marco Rubio has been tireless in pointing out and highlighting voter issues (aka illegal votes and what looks like voter fraud) in Florida, and for whatever reason, CNN analyst Susan Hennessey thinks this is in someway Rubio doing Putin’s bidding.

Don’t look at us like that, we didn’t write it.

She did.

Yes, we’re sure Putin is pulling for DeSantis and Scott because they’re all part of his evil COMMUNIST PLAN …



It doesn’t seem like a super well-thought-out analysis, but you know, CNN.

It’s been exceptionally bad. Local news is actually covering the story while the national press is pushing a narrative.

Shocking, right?

See what we mean?

But see, Putin is working to undermine Snipes or something … you know what, we can’t even.

It is remarkable, and not in a good way.


Well OBVS.


While also claiming that Rubio is doing Putin’s bidding.

Unless of course, the votes they keep magically finding were for Republicans, then she’d be claiming that Putin was trying to rig the election.

You laugh but we’re not exactly joking.

This morning, Susan seemed super defensive that most people on Twitter thought her take was garbage. Hey, at least Jennifer Rubin agreed with her, right? Ha!


Someone seems cranky – maybe she should smile more.


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