As Twitchy readers know, Trump was asked about Jim Acosta this morning … and his answers didn’t exactly make anyone on the Left or in the media very happy. This little soundbite seems to have especially caused some ‘triggering’:

He’s not wrong.

Ok, we take it back, some media types ‘liked’ Trump’s quip about Acosta:

Hey, both Trump and Shapiro are right.

And as you already guessed, the Left didn’t find Shapiro’s fact-check as funny as we did:

Maybe she should slow down and try this again in English.


You know when they go down the, ‘I know you are but what am I,’ path it’s over.


It’s like these folks have never seen Acosta in action.

You know that face you make when you can’t figure out why your music app isn’t working and you’re trying to write a bunch of stories for Twitchy and need your music and it won’t work? Oh, is that just this editor?

Well, it’s not a good face and we totally just made it after reading this tweet.

We’re not sure this tweet came across like this guy thought it would.

But then again, tweets from haters on Ben’s threads never do.


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