Not sensing a whole lot of sympathy from the president for Acosta or any other media types since ol’ Jim acted like a total doorknob in a presser.

Trump was asked if he would be letting Acosta out of the penalty box …

Hey man, act like a jacka*s you get treated like one.

Their behavior has absolutely been a disgrace. It’s truly as if they try and poke Trump so he behaves a certain way and then they can play victim for their ‘audience’.

It’s certainly worked for Acosta and others so far.

Jake Tapper thought to quote Benjamin Franklin was the way to go here:

Huh? Did he just tattle on Trump?


Poor Acosta, getting called out for making the story about himself.



What else?



Maybe instead of defending Acosta, the press should try calling out his behavior and looking at ways to change how they’re reporting on this president.

Just spitballin’.


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