Small, insecure, angry people (who need to shower more often) will ALWAYS attack those who are as they say, ‘over the target’. Like the way Antifa attacked Tucker Carlson’s home and his wife.

Sharyl Attkisson summed this up far better in her tweet than we can:

Way to go, Antifa, you just made Tucker Carlson even MORE popular.

They’re terrified of him and his message so they’ll do everything they can to shut him down while pretending he’s somehow the bad guy so they can justify their disgusting behavior.

Sadly, there are still some people who want to blame Carlson for the attack:

So wait, he went a bridge too far defending Kavanaugh from the obvious hit job to literally destroy his life from the Democrats?

Alrighty then.


This is true.

Carlson definitely is one of those, ‘Don’t start none won’t be none,’ types. Sadly, people always start some.

He did almost make Rep. Eric Swalwell cry; the guy got SO UPSET he started rocking back and forth while Tucker was interviewing him.


Truth be told, nothing annoys your haters more than succeeding.

And that’s what Tucker has done and keeps doing.



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