As Twitchy readers know, Matt Yglesias said some horrible things about Tucker Carlson’s wife being attacked by Antifa at their home. Yglesias basically said that he didn’t feel sorry for Carlson’s wife and blamed Trump and Tucker himself for the attack.

Then, after getting his as* handed to him over what he wrote, he not only deleted the tweet itself but completely wiped his entire timeline.

Because COWARD.

Greg Gutfeld unloaded on Yglesias:

Totally weird.

Gosh, why would Matt do that?

Silver lining?

And yes, after we arrest them.

In other words, a progressive.

Yup, that’s Matt.

No big loss.

But tell us more about how mean and hateful the Right is.

They TRY to do that (like calling abortion healthcare), but we’re onto them and clearly, the Right is getting fired up.

Awww yes, the tolerant Left in all their glory.

Did we mention that’s Matt?

Hilarious and cowardly.



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