Sounds like Broward County is trying to ‘Al Franken’ Florida. And dude, what is the deal with this county? They’ve been in the news SO MUCH this year, and none of it has been good.

But of course, Chris Hayes is going to ignore the real story about how Democrats are openly trying to steal the election in Florida so he can preen on about how ‘Republicans are going hard on Florida’ … for wanting them to obey the law.

Dude works for MSNBC, what can we say?

Oooh, an exclamation point!

Chris means business.


Ya’ think?

You ever notice how the bulk of magical votes that turn up after the fact are never cast for Republicans? That’s probably just a coincidence though, right?

Ugh, hanging chads.

Dude, trying to stop Democrats from cheating during an election is oppressive or something.



Awww Democrats, never change.


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