Senator Marco Rubio has been SERIOUSLY calling Broward County out for the magical ballots they’re counting after the fact that just so happen to benefit the Democrats.

He’s especially been dragging Brenda Snipes and her ‘interesting’ history of wrongdoing with and in her office.

Then last night, Rick Scott accused the Left of trying to steal the election and ordered an investigation into what’s going on with the ‘hanging Chads’ of 2018.

Snipes wasn’t prepared to have that conversation yet?


Rubio laid into her and her shady county even more:

We’re all scratching our heads on this one, Senator.

Point-by-point it’s even worse:

  1. Cripes
  2. Double cripes.
  3. Triple cripes.
  4. Something stinks in Denmark, folks.

Right?! If she has a history of fraud and other issues in her office why is she still there?

Oh, she’s a Democrat, never mind.

They don’t want to stop counting until they get the result they want.


Keep callin’ ’em out, Senator. You’re our only hope.


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