In a less than surprising turn of events, Democrats took the House on Tuesday evening which meant certain talking heads couldn’t wait to spin this as a negative for President Trump.

Looking at you, Jake Tapper:

Because Democrats haven’t already made his life a living Hell? Maybe Jake missed it but the first two years of Trump’s term haven’t exactly been easy for him. We get what he’s trying to say here, that they’ll have some actual authority but at the end of the day without power in the Senate all they really can do is annoy Trump.

And everyday Americans, which will not play out well in 2020.

Dana Loesch said it better.

She’s right you know.

Like we said, annoying but at the end of the day … eh.

And having next to zero power to actually do anything with it other than making even bigger fools of themselves with their constant temper tantrums.

That too.

True dat!


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