What can we say? Democrats sure can pick ’em.

Especially in Wisconsin.

Randy Bryce is a Democrat who is running in Wisconsin’s 1st Congressional District and he has quite a few seriously disturbing tweets he might want to explain since the election is you know, TOMORROW, and people probably want to know if they’re voting for a crazy person.

Then again, we’re not sure Democrats would care but still … look at this hot mess:

Wow, Randy seems nice.

IronStache eh?

Sounds like a creepy security guard in a porn movie … oh wait, that was the crappy joke SNL made about the wounded vet and GOP candidate, Crenshaw. Never mind.

Or get his arse beat by Walker, which is more likely.

Hrm, that doesn’t sound at all threatening. Nope.


Leftists are so good to all women, right?

Wait, what now? You know what, we don’t wanna know.

Wisconsin, you might want to take a closer look at ol’ IronStache here, just sayin’.


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