If there is one thing that really turned the ‘tide’ with the whole Democratic blue wave it was the way they tried to sabotage and destroy Justice Brett Kavanaugh. There were plenty of independents and moderates who hadn’t really chosen a side before that fateful day when Sen. Dianne Feinstein magically dropped a letter accusing Kavanaugh of sexual harassment TWO MONTHS after she had first received it.

After all other resources had failed they pulled the Dr. Ford card.

And then the media jumped on board and produced all of these other women who he had magically assaulted. Jesse Kelly really nailed this thread ‘remembering’ everything the Left put Kavanaugh and his family through (but don’t tell him, he’ll be even more insufferable than usual):

We do.

Us too.

We also remember that this was really a turning point in the whole blue wave ordeal.

We remember when his daughters had to leave the room because their father was being attacked just that badly.


If you vote red for no other reason than to stop the Left from doing to others what they did to Kavanaugh, that’s enough.

Damn this was good.



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