Senator Dianne Feinstein has had a terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad past few months especially with the stunt she pulled to try and keep Brett Kavanaugh off the SCOTUS bench. Not to mention her own party in California endorsed the OTHER guy.

Why she’d push Obamacare (or CoveredCA) the day before midterms is a mystery to us:

Surely Dianne knows what a failure this program has been in her own state, right?

Hey, at least she isn’t pushing anything about Chinese spies or victims of sexual assault …

But we thought everyone would be getting $2500 back or something … Obama promised.

This went well, DiFi.

She has been around since God was a boy.

True story.

Folks, remember ALL of this when you go to the polls to vote on Election Day.

And hey thanks, Dianne, for reminding us all what a joke Obamacare was (and is).


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