Rep. Eric Swalwell did what all Democrats do when they can’t spin something in their favor, they try changing the meaning of words and ideas to better fit what they’re trying to push and campaign on.

For example, the thriving economy under President Trump is a real thorn in the side of Democrats building up to this week’s midterms so Eric tried to literally redefine what makes the economy the economy … see for yourself.

Ummm … what?

Those things are a huge part of the economy, Eric.

Democrats. *sigh*

And guess what happens when you ask a stupid question:


This economy definitely does not suck.


Republicans may not be all butterflies and rainbows but when it comes to making the economy work THEY GET IT DONE.

And no amount of switching up the definition or terms of the economy will change that, Eric.

We may start calling him that.



Yes, yes he is.

Next question?


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