We realize Senator Chris Murphy was trying to terrify … err … inspire people in Florida to vote for Democrats on Tuesday (especially for Gillum), but holy cow, his tweet is so ridiculously bad we’re not entirely sure where to even start.

Take a gander at this train wreck:

Wait, what now? 300% less?

And keep in mind Chris is a senator … WOW.

When a high-schooler is better at fundamental math than a senator that tells you EVERYTHING you need to know about Democrats. Granted, Kyle is a fairly exceptional high-schooler but still …


Fair. But certainly they teach math, right?

Wait, never mind.

Democrats aren’t exactly known for being great thinkers. Pretty faces? Sure. Skateboarding, air-guitar-playing, guys who try and flee the scene of a DUI? Sure. Big brains? Not exactly.

Otherwise, they’d be Republicans.



Don’t give them any ideas.

Full transparency, it’s too early for this editor to check this gent’s math but since Chris’ original math was seriously that dumb let’s just assume Aaron is right.

Democrats sure can pick ’em.