When even CNN is calling BS on your DNC talking points you know you’re in trouble … and that’s exactly what happened when Jake Tapper interviewed DNC Chair Tom Perez this morning on ‘State of the Union’.


Wow, when you’ve lost Jake …

Perez might as well have said, ‘The square root of potato is six.’ No matter how hard the Democrats try and spin the economy into something bad (looking at you Rep. Eric Swalwell), the fact of the matter is Americans are doing far better now than they ever did under Obama. Heck, even Tapper all but pointed this out to Perez as well.


Democrats don’t want people to succeed on their own, this is nothing new.

And of course, the Left just couldn’t deal with Jake being honest.

They are trying so hard.

Because you know, CNN is so easy on the Right.

Holy Hell.

Not to mention it wasn’t only the economy Jake pushed Tom on:

Gonna be an interesting week.



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