President Trump shared this ad Wednesday afternoon and as usual, the Left lost their collective shiznit over it …

Of course, they’re not angry at the monster bragging about killing innocent Americans, no no, they’re mad at Trump for being a super racist for sharing this ad. No, we’re not making this up … apparently, when you point out some illegal aliens are not happy little DREAMERS who want to cure cancer you’re somehow a giant racist.

This ad shows a very real and terrifying side to the illegal immigrant debate that the Left would rather not talk about, which is probably why Rep. Eric ‘Ding-a-Ling’ Swalwell tried to move goalposts while freaking out about the ad.


Ummm … no, he didn’t. And repeating things like this could be a sign of a serious mental break, just sayin’.

And what does this tweet or ad have to do with healthcare? Oh wait, that’s right. NOTHING.

Full disclosure, this is where we usually grab a few tweets where people call Swawell out for being a neo-maxi-zoom-dweebie but there are so many frothy-Resistance types screeching about how Trump is literally Hitler that we can’t possibly read through all of that garbage and keep our sense of humor.

Look at this:

Yeah, get ’em. Heh.

Yes, it’s all a plot …

People really believe this crap. *sigh*

Thought we’d toss this in for a giggle as well:



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