This is disturbing.

Not just that a woman on a plane has been so terrified by the media’s narrative that Trump supporters are dangerous that she wrote a complete stranger a bizarre note because he was wearing a MAGA hat on her plane but that this blue check thought it was a good idea to share it.

People have lost their damn minds.

True story, every time this editor flies there is at least one passenger who makes her wonder if he or she has rugs made of human hair in their house BUT she would never, ever write them a ridiculous letter.

People have got to get a grip.


A bit.

The media, the Left, Hollywood … they have well and truly terrified people if this letter was indeed written by a scared passenger on a plane and not some a-hole pulling a ridiculous stunt on social media.

Everything is stupid.

We have officially passed merely triggered and ventured into batsh*t crazy territory.


And you thought 2018 couldn’t get any dumber.



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