There are two topics Sen. Dianne Feinstein should probably avoid in general and they include judiciary appointments and sexual harassment victims … seriously. It’s like she thinks we’re either completely forgetful or clueless about what she pulled with Christine Blasey Ford and Brett Kavanaugh just last month.

Guess how this tweet went for her.

Gosh, Dianne does sitting on the letter from a survivor like Christine Blasey Ford for months and then tossing her under the bus when things didn’t go as you planned with Kavanaugh count? Asking for a friend.

Oops. Tough crowd, DiFi.

Huh, sounds like a good idea, right Dianne?

That’s what Democrats do though, they use women, minorities, and other ‘protected classes’ of people to stay in power. They create narratives to scare them, pretend they’re protecting them, and then toss them away when they’re no longer useful.

Just ask Dr. Ford.


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