As Twitchy readers know, Guardian reporter Mike Elk screamed in Salena Zito’s face near the scene of the Tree of Life synagogue shooting on Saturday, blaming her for the shooting and calling her an anti-Semite. You probably also know that Elk sort of apologized to Salena …

‘My apologies if you were offended.’

What a sideways, passive-aggressive, bullsh*t apology.

Good news though (in a way), Salena Zito didn’t see this tripe because lo and behold, Elk has her blocked. No wonder he was so open about apologizing, he knew she likely wouldn’t see it.

True story, when this editor saw that Elk had blocked Salena and had perhaps not seen her response we sent it to him because we’re caring and stuff, and he blocked this editor as well.

Seems Elk is a tad … delicate.


So we’re making sure a bunch of people get to see it.

Seems to be.

He’s special, ain’t he?

And she deserved a REAL apology, but we see how that worked out.


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