Leave it to Vox to write an article about psychiatrists wanting to spike Americans’ drinking water with Lithium.

Sure, things are crazy but drugging the masses? Yeah … no.

From Vox:

“In general, in the United States, lithium levels are much higher in the Northeast and East Coast and very low in the Mountain West,” he told me on a new episode of the Vox podcast Future Perfect. “And suicide rates track that exactly — much lower suicide rates in the Northeast, and the highest rates of suicide are in the Mountain West.”

Wait, what now?

If you apply that 50 to 60 percent reduction to the US, where about 45,000 people total died by suicide in 2016, you get a total number of lives saved at around 22,500 to 27,000 a year. That’s likely too high since you can’t reduce suicide rates in places that are already high-lithium. Ghaemi’s own back-of-the-envelope calculation is that we’d save 15,000 to 25,000.

Ghaemi and a number of other eminent psychiatrists are making a pretty remarkable claim. They think we could save tens of thousands of lives a year with a very simple, low-cost intervention: putting small amounts of lithium, amounts likely too small to have significant side effects, into our drinking water, the way we put fluoride in to protect our teeth.

Sure, let’s put a psychiatric med in drinking water … why not?

You know that face you make when someone in your family eats the last Twinkie and they put the empty box BACK in the pantry? Yup, just made that face.


Took the words right outta our mouths.


Word again.

How long ya’ got?

Well in that case …



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