If you’re like us, you’ve lost track of what it is Democrats actually stand for in 2018 because all they really do is accuse Republicans of horrible things and screech about how much they hate Trump. And truth be told that may indeed be all the Dems can run on because if you look at what they support it ain’t pretty.

Dan Bongino summed it up brutally.

Gosh, with priorities like these it’s no wonder their blue wave has turned into more of a blue drizzle.

Wait, what’s less than drizzle? Sprinkle? Piddle?

Either way, this isn’t good for Democrats. Heck, even outlets like The Hill are admitting the blue wave probably isn’t happening


But true.

And man buns and skinny jeans. Yup.

EVIL STRAWS will be the end of us all. DON’T EVEN JOKE ABOUT STRAWS.

The m-word! RUUUUN.

And the straws! Don’t forget about the STRAWS!

Yeah, that’s a hard pass for us too.


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