After watching a mob attack Nancy Pelosi on Friday and then seeing Mitch McConnel and his wife harassed in a restaurant Saturday, it’s becoming all too apparent that we have a serious problem in this country right now.

Far too many people have lost their ability to agree to disagree and move on.

To that point though, when you see Democratic leaders encouraging their base to attack elected GOP officials, and reporters like WaPo’s Wesley Lowery calling these attacks ‘protected free speech’ are we really all that surprised things have gotten out of hand?

Look at this nonsense.



Oh man.

We’re not entirely sure Wesley understands the First Amendment, which is terrifying since he’s supposedly a journalist.


Nice dodge.


What she said.

Alrighty then.

It seems he is.

Someone ‘saying things’ is not the same as yelling them at elected officials and attempting to physically intimidate them.

He ought to be, but he won’t be.

He keeps using that phrase, free speech. We’re not sure it means what he thinks it means.


He’d blame Trump and the Right for encouraging violence against the media, yup.



Not much at all.

Now THERE’S your full stop.


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