Do you think we would trigger our tolerant, friendly, selfless friends on the Left if we pointed out their ‘blue wave’ has turned into more of a blue piddle? We surely don’t want to upset them because they’re such delicate creatures.

You know what, we’ll let The Hill do it for us.

Yup, you read that correctly, The Hill.

From The Hill:

The battle for control of the Senate is looking worse and worse for Democrats, who just a month ago saw a path to the majority but now increasingly look like they could lose more seats and have a smaller minority next year.

Republicans have seen a bump in the polls in several key races since Labor Day. They believe momentum has flipped to their party since the fight over Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh polarized the electorate, hurting Democrats running for re-election in states were President Trump is popular.

Our favorite line, “The battle for control of the Senate is looking worse and worse for Democrats.”

Takes us to our happy place.

And notice the timing on their blue wave falling apart, a month ago. What was happening a month ago? *cough Kavanaugh cough* 

At least the Left took this news well since it came from The Hill.

Oh, we’re so kidding, they totally lost their sh*t.


She’s right, wishing for the blue wave doesn’t make it so.

Notice how they love polls when the results support them and hate them when they don’t?


Aren’t they adorable?

Not SCOUNDRELS! The humanity!

Told you they lost it.


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