We’d like to think Jim Acosta’s latest diary entry after having been caught liking a fairly stupid and grossly biased tweet from Peter Daou looks a little bit like this:

Dear Diary,

People on Twitter are SO MEAN! They are starting to pay attention to the tweets I ‘like’. IT’S SO UNFAIR, Diary! I’m just a hero doing a hero’s job … why don’t they see how hard I work?!

Trump is a meanie and his supporters are giant poopie heads.



Maybe he’d even add a PS about how Twitchy isn’t funny and is tearing the fabric of American apart at the seams. Oh wait, that’s another crowd, our bad. *snicker*

If you’re wondering which tweet of Peter Daou’s he liked …

If you ever wanted to know what NOT to do as a journalist all you have to do is follow Jim Acosta.

This editor used to follow Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater but he blocked her.

Yeah yeah, this editor is such a meanie.

Jake Tapper is truly the only one who tries in general, he is as far as a CNN goes, fairly unbiased.

We know that’s not saying much but still, credit where credit is due.

The Left has spent so much time b*tching and moaning over Hillary’s loss that they’ve lost their way and have literally nothing to run on other than their hatred of Trump.


He’s a firefighter, silly.

What a week he’s had, HA!



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