We don’t spend nearly enough time pointing out how dishonest Senator Patty Murray is, and WOW, she is impressively dishonest. When it would be news that someone actually told the truth for once you know they lie a LOT.

And it’s about time someone called her out …

Wow, this was gross. And Patty is so ballsy, so smug, she tagged Betsy DeVos in this tweet where she blatantly misrepresented everything DeVos and the Trump administration has been doing.

Get your popcorn.

Betsy has FINALLY had enough!

Drag her.

They do indeed let Patty get away some DOOZIES.

And speaking of doozies, check out some of the garbage on this thread:

And from what we’ve seen in video from Portland and other cities, this hatred isn’t just online. The Left has become nothing more than a MOB … yup, we said the m-word. Deal with it.


OOOOMG! So, there’s MORE to the video of the Antifa thug who attacked 9/11 widow (you’ve GOTTA see this)

CUCKOO for Cocoa Puffs! WATCH raving lunatic (in nifty gold pants) destroy Ted Cruz yard signs

‘Make him FAMOUS’: VILE Antifa protester attacks 9/11 widow, ‘Your husband should f*cking ROT in the grave!’ (video)

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