As Twitchy reported earlier, a POS Antifa thug verbally attacked a 9/11 widow for trying to cross the street. Seems there is quite a bit more footage of our lovely little friend in which he runs away.

Warning, the language is harsh in this video so if you are at work do not watch without headphones.

But by all means, you’ve gotta watch this.

So it would appear a couple of rather large ‘proud boys’ took issue with our tolerant Antifa friend and called him out.


And then it appears he and his Antifa buddy run away.


What’s saddest about this, even beyond the guy attacking a widow, is that somehow, someway the ‘proud boys’ will be the bad guys here. You watch, if and when the media actually wake up and covers this the headline will be, ‘Proud Boys Threaten and Terrorize Peaceful Protesters’ or some other nonsense.

Probably not a bad idea, unfortunately.

It’s easy to bully people when you’ve dehumanized and objectified them as the Left has with the Right. You know the guy who went after the widow felt justified in attacking her because his betters have told him she’s a bad person who should be attacked.

Guess he and his pals learned the hard way that maybe they shouldn’t attack innocent strangers on the street.



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