Eric Holder would be proud.

Hillary too.


There are really no words for how absolutely awful this ‘man’ is. All because she’s waiting for the light to change before crossing the street? This is what Democratic leaders have created by telling their base to literally attack those who oppose them. That he thought this was somehow justified or appropriate tells us exactly who and what the Left has become, and none of it is good.

Imagine if the tables were turned and this idiot was wearing a MAGA hat attacking a 9/11 widow. CNN would be running it over and over again and he would have lost his job already. It’s so hard to be the adult in the room sometimes.

It’s unreal how angry he got at her for waiting to cross the street.

Antifa, we see you.

Well, at least the Left stopped hiding who we knew they really were.



That’s putting it nicely.


Between this video and the video of the man kicking a pro-life woman … yikes.

Remember this jacka*s, the guy who kicked the pro-life woman, and every other video we’ve seen of the Left being violent when you go vote in a few weeks. This is what the Left has become and we do NOT want this empowered or rewarded. #VoteRed