Nancy Pelosi has clearly sold herself on the idea that Democrats are the good guys and therefore they are somehow justified in attacking the bad guys (aka Republicans) both vocally and physically. She’s really just following along with other leaders in her party who have started pushing a very aggressive and dangerous agenda.

Listen to how Nancy justifies what they’re doing:

See? In her Botox-defective brain, she thinks they’re fighting for the little people. Forget she lives in a $10 million dollar home in the Bay and is completely out of touch with those same little people, she was rolling.

And she called Republicans ‘collateral damage’. WOW.

She did. Do you think she knows what that means?

We’ll help her out:

Collateral damage is a general term for deaths, injuries, or other damage inflicted on an unintended target. In American military terminology, it is used for the incidental killing or wounding of non-combatants or damage to non-combatant property during an attack on a legitimate military target.

The wounding or KILLING of non-combatants. Hello.

She really is.

It’s the Botox.


Or Republican.


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