‘The damage has already been done.’

CNN interviewing one of the sexual assault victims that Heidi Heitkamp outed without her permission is one of the most heartbreaking things we’ve seen in a long while.


‘I never made that choice in the first place and now I’ll have to live with this for the rest of my life.’

From Mediaite:

Heitkamp and her re-election campaign have been apologizing this week over a political ad that both misidentified several women as domestic/sexual abuse victims, and also told the stories of actual survivors without their permission. Lexi Zhorela was one of the women Heitcamp outed, and she said the senator has yet to reach out her personally despite a promise to do so.

These women are reaching out for legal counsel, Heitkamp’s troubles may just be starting. Not to mention Lexi had planned on voting for Heidi as well … just wow.

This was a big fail.


But watch as the Left attacks Lexi, not Heidi:

Yes, she secretly wanted Heitkamp to disclose her name to the masses so it would hurt her chances to win, even though Lexi said in the interview that she is a Liberal.

Nobody victim-blames and victim-shames better than the Left.


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