Kyrsten Sinema wants to win in Arizona, right? She’s not running in some other state?

Well, if you think about it, Obama openly disliked America and idjits voted for him so maybe Democrats like it when their elected officials hate them. They’re a strange group, no doubt. This video of Sinema is from March of this year, watch:

When she says, ‘Arizona,’ it looks like she smelled a fart, right? Like if Arizona is SO awful, why would she have thought to try and help women there? Like gag her with a spoon!

And to think, she’s just another ‘drop’ in the Left’s so-called Blue Wave.


Republicans don’t even need to make an ad, they should just run this video over and over and over again.


You’d think.

She doesn’t just detest where she lives, she detests the state where she is running for elected office.



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