Two years ago, when Trump beat Hillary, most everyone and anyone were saying that Trump was so unpopular all the Left had to do to win the midterms in 2018 was not be crazy.

That’s it. They didn’t even really need to come up with any brilliant policies or ideas … just don’t be batsh*t.

And like we’ve pointed out time and time again, they just couldn’t help themselves. Perhaps it’s because Liberalism is truly a mental disorder.

For example, look at this insanity from Chelsea Handler:

We didn’t think it was possible but Chelsea just made the Left look even CRAZIER.

She’s a walking, talking ad for the GOP. ‘Do you really want THIS sort of lunatic having any sort of say-so in this country? No? VOTE GOP.’



Like we said, crazy.

Chelsea still doesn’t get it.


Don’t be silly, it’s ok for HER to make money. It’s just the rest of us who shouldn’t be so selfish.

‘Ford? Ford who?’ – Democrats

Democrats haven’t yet figured out that the crazier they act the more likely it is for independents and moderates to walk away from their party. The same independents and moderates they need to win next month.

Let’s not tell them.


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