Soledad O’Brien’s dedication to calling people who vote for Republicans racist runs deep.

When your only argument is ‘everyone is RACIST,’ you’ve already lost, Soledad.

We’re not entirely sure what was racist about Rep. Matt Gaetz’s tweet … and seems he wasn’t sure either.

It really is so lazy.

Oh, you disagree with us? RACIST.

Oh, you don’t want what we want? BIGOT.

That’s how they stay in their little bubbles, they label and lump people they disagree with into some dehumanized group they can insult and ignore. And if you watch the news lately, that they can attack and harm.

But we digress.

Wait, what?

Does she mean Chuckles Johnson? ROFL.


See? That’s what we said.

Their selective enforcement is almost as embarrassing as their selective memories.

Wow, Soledad accuses the GOP of being racist a LOT.


Of course, she would.

Which is why she didn’t bother to engage this Conservative woman in a real debate.


Maybe people are mad because they’re tired of being called things they’re not … just spitballin’.

Thomas Sowell perhaps said it best.


Like Soledad herself said, she should do better.


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