Welp, we thought this joke made at the expense of Ana Navarro, Bill Kristol, and Elizabeth Warren was pretty damn funny.

Is it kinda childish? Sure.

But so is Twitter.

And politics.

And Ana Navarro.

Admit it, you laughed.

So honestly we were a little surprised at how angry Ana got over this tweet:

Sheesh, Ana, calm down.

Maybe if she smiled more.

This is not difficult.

Ana would be a far happier and more pleasant person if she just admitted she’s no longer a Republican.


What’s most interesting about the tweet she’s responding to is that she was not tagged in it … so how did she see it? Is she searching her own name on Twitter? Did someone send it to her?

Either way, it made her super cranky which only opened her up for more ridicule.

Never go full Jennifer Rubin, Ana.


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