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The OIG investigation substantiated, and the senior FBI official acknowledged, that the official accepted two tickets to a professional sports event from the TV correspondent without paying the correspondent for the tickets. The senior FBI official initially maintained to the OIG in an interview under oath that the official had paid for the tickets, but five days later admitted to the OIG that the official did not. The OIG found that the senior FBI official lacked candor with the OIG in several respects about the tickets. In addition, the OIG found that the senior FBI official had previously accepted one ticket from the same correspondent to another professional sports event, and one ticket from a different news reporter to another sports event. Although the senior FBI official stated that the official had paid the correspondent and reporter for these tickets, the OIG found no evidence in the senior FBI official’s communications with the correspondent or the reporter using FBI devices or systems to confirm that the official paid for the tickets, and the senior FBI official provided the OIG with no evidence to show that the official had paid for the tickets.

The official originally claimed they had paid for the tickets, under oath.

What else have they sworn under oath that was not true?

James Baker and Lisa Page … very interesting.

And how convenient that the FBI official will not be referred for criminal prosecution.


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