Seems Chuck Grassley and the Senate Judiciary Committee have been VERY busy.

Guess that’s what happens when you put a farmer in charge, eh? Stuff gets done?

Like this letter, Chuck Grassley wrote to Google calling on them to explain why they failed to disclose data vulnerability … months ago:

Grassley wrote (and this is where it gets good)

Despite your contention that Google did not have the same data protection failures as Facebook, it appears from recent reports that Google+ had an almost identical feature to Facebook, which allowed third-party developers to access information from users as well as private information of those users’ connections. Moreover, it appears that you were aware of this issue at the time I invited you to participate in the hearing and sent you a letter regarding Google’s policies.


Question seven is probably the most telling:

7. Why was this glitch not disclosed to Congress in March when Google became aware of it?

This is gonna be GOOD.

Grab some popcorn.


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