Max Boot seems to have taken a parting shot at the GOP in this piece in the Washington Post.

This effin’ guy.

@AG_Conservative said quite eloquently in this thread what so many of us are thinking … and he didn’t curse even one time.


Well, since he’s basically a leftist anyway we’re not surprised he would copy their narrative literally word for word.

But tribalism is just on the Right. Right?

In other words, they all deserve each other.

We agree.

They need conservatives turning on one another to prove their narrative around Trump destroying the party. If they admit people like Boot and Rubin really aren’t conservatives anymore they lose their clickbait.

Oh big whoop, a Leftist hates the Republican party. Been there, done that.

And the idjits on the Left would TOTALLY CLICK and share that.


For Boot to be embarrassed for changing his views he would actually have to have his own views to begin with.


He’s joined their tribe, does that mean he’ll get their secret decoder ring now?

See what we mean?


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