Sounds like Donald Trump Jr. and Kid Rock are campaigning for Michigan Senate GOP candidate, John James.

We’ve been following James’ campaign for the last several months as he definitely seems like someone who not only embraces conservative principles but who is also willing to FIGHT for them. Gotta tell ya’, we thought he was a badass before, but now we like him even more after reading his response to this disgusting tweet from Democrat, Abdul El-Sayed. You might remember Abdul, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was trying to help him win his primary for governor.

He lost.

Seems he’s still bitter:

And he wonders WHY he lost.

James just DECIMATED this guy:

This is the part where we say BOOOOOM.

Now, we get it, Abdul was going after Trump Jr., but James used this as a perfect opportunity to shut him down and remind us all what the American dream means to people when they WORK FOR IT.


Michigan, elect this guy.



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