When Dianne Feinstein gave her ‘opening statement’ you could tell she had been gearing up to give this speech for days. Talk about grandstanding, she was basically giving her own testimony.

This is not about you, Dianne.

What she said.

Rush to judgment.


Dianne could have put a stop to all of this if she had just given this letter to the committee from the get-go.

We absolutely know.


Rush to judgment.

And sorry, but Dianne is the last person who has any business discussing ‘question of character.’

Are you kidding us?

Not to mention Grassley had reminded the Committee that this hearing is about Kavanaugh and Ford, not about any other women who have shared allegations as their attorneys have refused to work with the Committee … and Dianne went on and on about other women and sexual violence in this country.

She was testifying, not giving opening statements.

The fact we are where we are has a lot to do with Dianne sitting on this … for two months.

Seriously, we’re starting to feel like we’re taking crazy pills.


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