Let’s face it, Laura Ingraham knows how to get under people’s skin.

Especially people like Michael Avenatti.

Look at this.

She just dropped a serious truth bomb on Michael … and it did exactly what she knew it would.

Triggered the sh*t out of him.


Shriek shriek shriek! And fabricated? She just pointed out his own behavior … truth hurts?

And we hate to break it to him, but Laura’s ratings actually went UP after David Hogg (you remember him, right?) and the other teens went after her advertisers. Granted, we all knew they were being used by some larger entity to go after her show, likely Media Matters, but eh … the point is, Michael was so triggered he couldn’t even come up with a good comeback.

Poor dear.

Shaggy seems upset.

Someone get him a Scooby Snack, would ya’?

C’mon man, everyone knows Laura can defend herself. *shrug*





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